1. Design and development of manual vegetable seeding machine
    Arun Joseph Thomas, George Sebastian, Roy P A
    Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
    Page No: 1-5

2. Opinion Mining On Software Methodologies Using Users Tweets
    Yeluri Divya , M. Shamila
    Malla Reddy Engineering College , Telangana
    Page No: 6-15

3. Streaming Big Data Analysis In Context With Bayes Methodologies
    Dasari Pranaya, P.V Ramana Murthy
    Malla Reddy Engineering College, Telangana
    Page No: 16-22

4. Surrogacy transaction and its legal implications in India
    Mohit Chhetri
    Uttaranchal University, Uttarakhand
    Page No: 23-29

5. Indian Prison System And Need Of Reformation
    Mahima Bhatt,Dr. Anil Kumar Dixit
    Uttaranchal University , Dehradun, Uttarakhand
    Page No: 30-37

6. Research Paper on Law relating to maintenance in India with special reference to Uniform Civil Code
    Ujjwal Singh, Rajat Aggarwal
    Uttaranchal University
    Page No: 38-46

7. Right And Protection To Lesbian Gay Bio sex And Transgender(A Legal Study In Indian Context)
    pooman bhagat,Sakshi Kaur
    Uttranchal University
    Page No: 47-59

8. Refugees And Their Human Rights
    S. Ramadoss 
    Union of India and the State of Tamil Nadu 
    Page No: 60-74