1.  Performance and information security evolution with firewalls
    Vinay T. Patil, Purushottam R. Patil , Vinayak O. Patil, Shweta V. Patil
    D. N. Patel College of Engineering, Shahada
    Shweta V. Patil
    P.S.G.V.P.Mandal’s, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Shahada
    Page No: 1-6

2.  Storage management in Big Data Using Hadoop
     Shivanand B Lamani
     Akkamahadevi Women’s University, Vijayapur
     Ravikumar K, Arshi Jamal
     GFGC, Gangavati, India
     Page No: 7-15

3.  A Study on growing popularity of serviced apartment in urban parts of India
     Dr.Atul Ramgade,Sandeep Narayan Naik
     Dr.DYPatil Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Pune.
     Page No: 16-22

4.  Higher Technical Education in India – Overview & Challenges
     V.A.Kulkarni, Dr. G.R.Udupi
     AMGOI-Vathar, Kolhapur
     Dr. G.R.Udupi
     SGBIT, Belgaum.
     Page No: 23-27

5.Present Role Of Stenography And Stenographer
   Siddamurthy B
  D.r.r. Government Polytechnic, Davangere
  PAGE NO: 28-35