1. A Design of SIW Filter with DGS for 5G Applications
    M.Vijay  , C.Nickson Chaarlie  , A.Priyan  , T.Rajagopa
    SRM – TRP Engineering College, Irungalur, Trichy
    Page No: 1-7

2. Enhancing The Impact Of Formative Feedbacks On Students Learning
    Dr. R. Kumar, Y.Gayathri, V.Mani, M.Varshini,R.Vidhya Dharshni
    Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India
    Page No: 8-19

3. Carbon Nanoparticles And Natural Electrolyte Bio Battery From Waste Leather
    K. Thanrasu a, M. Ayyar 
    harath University,Chennai
    Page No: 20-25

4. A Hybrid (Wind and Hydro) Power Generation System for Rural Area’sFarming)
    Jadhav Dipika Rajendra,Deore Vijayshri Sharad
    NMU, Jalgaon
    Page No: 26-29

5. Entrepreneurs Perception Towards Guerrilla Marketing In Small Scale Business with Reference to Chennai City
    Dr. K.J.Vinodini
    Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai
    Page No: 30-39

6.Outcome of Varied Mach Number and AOA on Convex Blunt Nose with Spike     Angle Zero Degree
   Mahesh , Srikanth , Channaveerayya
   Government polytechnic Kalagi, Karnataka, India
   PAGE NO: 40-50