VOLUME 7 ISSUE 11 2021

1.  A critical overview of Demonetization in India
     Banavath Hari Krishna Prasad Naik
     Andhra Univeristy,Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh, India
     Shaik Mohammad Rafi
     Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
     PAGE NO: 1-9

2. Career Enablers Of Women At Work: Changing Phase Of Work Dynamics During Post Covid-19: An Analysis
    Government Arts College for Men, Nandanam, Chennai
    PAGE NO: 10-17


3. Reliability of a Time dependent system when Two Stresses acted on a single Strength component
    Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State
    PAGE NO: 18-23


4. Ground Improvement Techniques to Enhance the Bearing Capacity of weak Soil
    Suman Baruah
    Irrigation Department (Government of Assam)
    Guntur College of Engineering
    PAGE NO: 24-28


5. Comparative Analysis of CNTFET and MOSFET for Future ICs
    University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Raju Hajare
    BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    PAGE NO: 29-34


6. Evolution of Egalitarian Society through the deep routed theories of Buddhism
    Dr.Lakshman Chandra Seth
    University of Tumkur
    PAGE NO: 35-50


7. A Study On Screening Of Antagonistic Actinomycetes From Soil Of Belgaum District, Karnataka, India
    Oliver Madhale,Ujwala Mane
    Rayat Institute of Research and Development, Satara, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
    Vinay Chougule
    MirajMahavidyalaya ,Miraj, Maharashtra.
    PAGE NO: 51-54


8. The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 in India
    Vikas H. Gandhi
    Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
    PAGE NO: 55-65


9. Inverter Configuration And Synchronization Of Distributed Photovoltaic Cells In A Smart Grid
    Sajed Ahmed Qureshi,Manish S Potdar
    P.E.S. College of Engineering Aurangabad, Maharashtra,India.
    PAGE NO: 66-70


10. Constructing High Performance Asphalt Pavements By Improving In Place Pavement Density
      Guntur Engineering College
      Suman Baruah
      Irrigation Department (Government of Assam)
      PAGE NO: 71-75


11.Sindhu-Sarasvatī Civilization: The Architectural Values of the Rakhigarhi Site
     Atinderpal Singh
     Punjabi University, Patiala
     PAGE NO: 76-84


12.An Effective Cyber Security Management Techniques that Designed to Protect System, Organizations an Individuals from the deliberate Exploitations
     Mitesh G. Patel
     Asian Institute of Technology, Vadali
     Nilesh K. Modi
     BAOU, Ahmedabad.
     PAGE NO: 85-89


13.Privatisation of Maritime Education and Training (MET) in India –The Disruptions
     Dr.M.Bina Celine Dorathy
     Jain University, Bangalore
     PAGE NO: 90-94


14.Jacobi Stability of a Competition Model
     Dr. Kshama Mishra
     Government Polytechnic Kanpur
     PAGE NO: 95-100


15.Nanoparticulate approaches for the treatment of psychotic disorders through intranasal formulations
     Ashwini Patel, Dr. Prachi Pandey
     Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, BITS Edu Campus,Vadodara, Gujarat.
     PAGE NO: 101-120


16.Performance Of Magnetic Fluid Based Squeeze Film Between Rough Non Porous Circular Plates
     P L Thakkar
     L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
     H C Patel
     Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
     PAGE NO: 121-126


17.Implementation of Differential Evolution Algorithm for MPPT of PV for Modular Multilevel Cascaded Inverter
     Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering Muthapudupet, Avadi IAF, Chennai
     PAGE NO: 127-140



19.Powerlifting: An analysis of results with reference to various bodyweight and age categories at world championships
     Dr. Haridas K
Mangalore University
     PAGE NO: 141-148

20.Learner Satisfaction in Microteaching of the Teacher Trainees of Pedagogy of Physical Science
     Dr. P. Shankar,A. Ramakrishna
     Osmania University, Hyderabad
     PAGE NO: 149-153


21.Synthesis And Biological Importance Of Benzimidazoles And Naphthimidazoles- A Short Review
     Mamatha M
     Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (A), Gandipet, Hyderabad
     PAGE NO: 154-166


22.Problems and Opportunity Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in South Gujarat Region
     Bhakti A Patel,Dr. Manish R Pathak
     Vidyabharti Trust College of MCA (MBA),Umrakh
     PAGE NO: 167-177


23.Anticancer Screening Of Some 1,3,4-thiadiazole Derivatives
     Mayuri Bhosale, Smita Patil, Pallavi Sutar, Nilesh Chogule, Sardar Shelake, Mayuri Bhadalekar

     Ashwini Pandav
     Ashokrao Mane Institute of Pharmacy, Ambap, Maharashtra, India.
     PAGE NO: 178-181


24.Perception of Manufacturing Small Scale Industry Personnel about Implementation of Industry 4.0 with special reference to Thane Regionof Maharashtra State
     Umesh K. Patil
     Dr. Meenakshi V. Waykole
     Bhusawal Arts, Science and P.O.Nahata Commerce College, Bhusawal
     PAGE NO: 182-190


25.An Implementation on Skin Cancer Detection using Machine Learning
     Rohan Ban, Dr. Rajeev Pandey,Manish Ahirwar
     University Institute of Technology, RGPV, Bhopal, India
     PAGE NO: 191-206


26.A Study on Enhancing Employability Skills of Chemical Engineers Using Perceptions of Chemical Engineering Students And Alumni
     Dr. Harshal G. Vashi
     GIDC Degree Engineering College,Navsari, Gujarat, India
     Dr. Chetankumar J. Lad
     Naran Lala College of Commerce and Management,Navsari
     PAGE NO: 207-214


27.Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Technique
     Dr. Rakesh J Motiyani,Ankur P Desai
     GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari, Gujarat, India
     PAGE NO: 215-226


28.Fracture And Size Effect Studies On Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Using Digital Image Correlation
     Dr. Bhavin G. Patel
     GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari
     Dr. Kamal Padhiar
     RNGPIT, Bardoli
     Dr. Digant A. Pastagi
     SSASIT, Surat
     PAGE NO: 227-240


29.A Statistical Study of Attentiveness of Cryptocurrency among the Students
     S. M. Nimbale, H. R. Bhosale, G. A. Varade, S.S. Nalage
     Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Satara
     PAGE NO: 241-246


30.Recent Trends In Automobile Technology
     Rahul Ramesh Joshi
     DKTE’S Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji
     PAGE NO: 247-251


31.Emerging Trends and Challenges in Heat Transfer Applications using Hybrid Nanofluids – A Comprehensive Review
     M. Ravi Kumar
     Geethanjali College Of Engineering and Technology, Cheeryal(V), Medchal (Dt), Hyderabad
     A.V. Sita Rama Raju
     Anurag University, Venkatapur(V), Medchal(Dt), Hyderabad
     K.P.V. Krishna Varma
     CMR College of Engineering and Technology, Kandlakoya, Medchal (Dt), Hyderabad
     P.V.Durga Prasad
     MVSR Engineering College,Nadergul (V),Ranga Reddy (Dt), Hyderabad
     PAGE NO: 252-276


32.Application of Density Driven Coding Approach for the Extraction of Brain Tumor from MR Images
     Dr.Somashekhar Swamy
     V.V.P.I.E.T. Solapur, Maharashtra, India
     Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, India
     PAGE NO: 277-288


33.Green Banking Initiative Disclosure by Selected Private Sectors Banks in India
     Dr. Yagne Vyas
     Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli, Gujarat
     PAGE NO: 289-293


34.Kutch: Creative Journey- A Case Study
     Jaspreet Kaur
     Punjabi University Patiala
     PAGE NO: 294-299


35.Prevalence of computer vision syndrome during the COVID-19 periods
     Priyanka Roy , Ranita Ray
     Haldia Institute of Management, Haldia, West Bengal
     PAGE NO: 300-306


36.A Case For Superblocks
     Akshay R. Gupta, Md.Salman R. Bombaywala
     S.N.Patel Institiute of Technology and Research Centre, Umrakh
     PAGE NO: 307-313


37.Binocular Single Vision disorder in children with myopia
     Vivek Shaw
     Haldia Institute of Mangement
     PAGE NO: 314-319


38.The Influence of Credibility of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising on Purchase Intentions
     Dr. J. M. Badiyani
     Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University,Mahatma Gandhi Campus,Bhavnagar, Gujarat
     PAGE NO: 320-325 


39.Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Higher Education
     Dr.Mala Sharma Dixit
     Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences,New Delhi
     PAGE NO: 326-337

40.The point of coincidence and common fixed point for a pair of mappings with − weak contraction in cone metric space
Lokesh Kumar
S.M. College, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur , India
Mohit Kumar Srivastav
Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Palwal, Hayana
PAGE NO: 326-336


41.An Analysis of the Marketing Strategies Employed by Select Telangana Commercial Banks
Kameswara Rao Poranki
Rishi UBR Women’s College, Hyderabad
Dr.Mohammed Abul Khair
College of Business Administration, Albaha University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
PAGE NO: 337-346


42.भारतीय सामािजक राजनीǓतक और आͬथ[क िèथǓत मɅ Ĥारंͧभक मÚययुगीन समाज मɅ मǑहलाओं कȧ भूͧमका का एक मह×वपूण[ अÚययन

संजय कुमार यादव,डॉ. सहश कुमार
सनराइज यूǓनवͧस[टȣ अलवर

PAGE NO: 347-357


43. European Colonization And Its Effects On The Behaviour Changes Among The African Community In Chenua Abeche Novel Things Fall Apart

Gururaja S Ghodageri,Hanumantha,Braj Gopal Yadav
Sunrise University, Alwar Rajasthan, INDIA
PAGE NO: 358-368

44.Psychological Training For Crown Performance In Sports With Reference To India
SJB Institute of Management Studies Bengaluru
PAGE NO: 369-377