1. Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor
    Mahesh Sutar,Ashish Zanjade,Pankaj Salunkhe
    Mumbai University.
    Page No:1-5

2. Design and development of Reflect Array Antenna for emergency communication
    Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering,Sriperumbudur
    Page No: 6-10

3. Half-metallicity in Rhodium doped Chromium Phosphide: An ab-initio study
    B. Amutha,R. Velavan
    Bharath University, Chennai
    Page No: 11-17

4. Framework Based Channel State Information with Dynamic Path Identifiers
    K.Gandhimathi, T.DhivyaBharathi, S.Periyanayaki Jenifer Mary, R.Pragathi
    Idhaya Engineering College for Women, Chinnasalem, Villupuram District
    Page No: 18-25

5. Matlab Simulation Of Single Phase Mid – Point And Bridge Type Step Down Cycloconverter
    D.Velmurugan ,Dr.R.Naveen
    Info Institute of Engineering, Coimbatore
    Page No: 26-30

6. Android based Robotic Fire Alert System to Save Fire Victims
    M. A. Majed,Ambreen Fatema,S. M. A Muneer Mogni
    Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad
    Page No: 31-36

7.  Automation and Surveillance System using GSM-DTMF Technology
     Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai
     Page No: 37-41

8.  The Challenges And Opportunities For Entrepreneurs In The Globalised Scenario (A Exclusive Study Of

      Tamil Nadu)
      SRM UNIVERSITY, Kattankulathur
      Page No: 42-47

9.    The Review Of Transient Stability Between Shunt And Series Facts Controllers
       Poorinima.S, S.Saranya.S, Porkodi.R , Jayasri.N  
       V.S.B. Engineering College and technical campus, Coimbatore.
       Page No: 48-59

10.  A Survey On Iot Based Smart Grid Technology
       T.Aravinth, J.Swathi, V.Rajagopal, V.Kasiviswanathan, P.R.Praveen 
       SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore
      Page No: 60-67

11. A New Harmonics Elimination Method Applied To A Static Var Compensator
      Ankush A. Kosare
      GNIT Nagpur, Maharashtra
      Page No: 68-75

12. Analysis Of Bioactive Compounds In Citrus Fruit Peels
      Periyar University PG Extension Center, Dharmapuri
      Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Tiruchencode
      Page No: 76-84  

13. Analysis Of Space Plasma Parameters Through Wavelet Transform During The Solar Cycle- 23
      Anoop Parsai,Dr.Harsha Jalori
      Barkatullah University, Bhopal
      Institute For Excellence In Higher Education, Bhopal
      PAGE NO: 85-92